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SheaLicious - Body Butter

www.shealicious.com screenshot

This website was made for Anna Allen, owner of SheaLicious, LLC. The template for this site had been designed with accessibility in mind, and incorporated a "sticky footer". Originally developed as an eCommerce site with shopping cart and checkout, Shealicious, LLC has now merged with another company, and the website is no longer online.

Real Estate Concierge

www.reconcierge.org screenshot

This website was done for Monica Atherton of Real Estate Concierge in Murrieta, and is no longer an active website. The look of the template was derived from a template that she had purchased, but that purchased template was basically unusable for a quality website. I converted the look of the template to a standardized CSS/XHTML template. Monica's needs for the website eventually made it necessary to adapt the template to five different page layouts.

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