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Michelli Backgammon

www.michellibackgammon.com screenshot

This website was designed and developed for Frank of Michelli Backgammon, but the site is no longer online, as Frank died in 2012. Frank had a website that functioned to sell his products, but it really needed a re-design. On top of that, Frank was being seriously overcharged for his hosting and domain. I worked closely with Frank to help him take control of his domain, and we changed his host to MDD Hosting. I then designed a template, and customized a shopping and checkout solution that met Frank's needs. This project took 21 days to complete, and Frank was so pleased in the end, he offered to recommend my services to anyone who may be considering my services!

Anna Allen & Associates

www.visitchilecoastalresortland.com screenshot

This website was created by modifying an existing website template created by G. Wolfgang of www.1-2-3-4.info. This type of modification is something that I no longer do. I find it much more practical to start from scratch and design "my way".

The resulting site was fairly simple, but it is no longer live on the web. The technical highlight of this project was a secure area, created with custom PHP programming, which held semi-sensitive information about real estate in Chile.

LoanWise LLC

loanwisellc.com screenshot

I was restricted to a pretty tight budget for this website. Even still, LoanWise was very happy with the final result, and said that I could use them as a reference any time. Actually, I think you will find that all of my customers are happy with my service, and you may call any of them if you wish to verify that claim.

Based on the overall look of the Hemet Pools website, this website is just static HTML pages. LoanWise stated that their site traffic would not be coming from search engines, so there was not a huge emphasis on SEO. In the end, I just gave them exactly what they wanted.

Thruston & Cervantes, LLP

thrustoncervantes.com screenshot

This was kind of a cool project for me, because it was a variation of my emUnit template. Previously, this template series had never had the rounded corners on the menu bar. I liked it so much at the time that I changed my website's template! My website used a gradient image background for the menu, but even without an image background, I think the menu gives a really clean navigation control.

Raedeker Farms - Online Avocado Sales

www.eatavocados.com screenshot

This website was a simple 1 page brochure type website to sell avocados online for Raedeker Farms in Fallbrook, CA. It was a pleasure for me to work with Carl on this site, but it is no longer online. We met twice, and even with the photo editing, I was able to finish his site in about 8 hours. Not bad considering the template was a custom 2 column layout. It's not easy designing a site that has no menu, but it came together nicely, and Carl got just what he wanted.

The Original B.W.D. Website

brianswebdesign.com screenshot - previous design

The original "Brian's Web Design" website was more of an experiment than anything else. While it featured a special CSS technique of floating text, the entire website was only a single page, and nothing great to speak of. It's hard to get started as a web designer when you have a limited portfolio, and I was doing the best I could. I'm sure glad those days are over

The Word For Asia

www.thewordforasia.com screenshot

Byron Pirolo's "The Word For Asia" website was a brochure type website for his Christian ministry, but this site is no longer online. There really wasn't anything all that amazing about the website itself, but I'm honored to have donated my time to create a website for this ministry. Should you need help with your Christian website, I may at times be able to donate time or give discounts for larger projects.

IAMsentme Christian Community

www.iamsentme.com screenshot - previous design

I really loved designing and developing this website. The site had a directory of Christian businesses, a forum, and a listing of local Christian churches. It was my first attempt at using PHP with a MySQL database, and an expiramentation with a totally fluid CSS layout. The site is no longer live on the web, but the template was donated to the open source community.

My Personal Website From 2006

personal website screenshot

I got the idea for this website template's basic structure from one of the CSS Zen-Garden templates; click here to see it. While basic in complexity, this site actually had some really great content. The home page content was a summary of my notes from an evangelism class, which shares a technique of approaching somebody and sharing my belief in Jesus Christ. There were also two Windows XP tutorials; One tutorial was about changing the start button color and text, and the other tutorial was about installing a custom open folder icon for Windows Explorer. Lastly, there was a page with pictures of my son. This website is no longer online.

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