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Best Affordable Handyman

best-affordable-handyman.com screenshot

The typical brochure type website, this website design and development project utilized a design that I originally made a couple of years ago. Developed using the CodeIgniter framework, this website showcases this client's handyman services. Stock photos from iStockPhoto were used to give a clean and professional look to the website

Natural Living Source

naturallivingsource.com screenshot

Natural Living Source's website is an example of a custom Wordpress theme implementation. I've been doing quite a few Wordpress sites in the last few weeks, but this one is the only one that required a custom theme. Wordpress is great, because it allows for the site owner to update their own site through a built in content management system. If you're looking for this kind of functionality, give me a call and I might surprise you with how affordable a site like this can be. I can even train you how to use the system.

Please note: Somebody else has done some work on this site since I completed it. I'm not responsible for the stuff that looks messed up!

Newton Medical Consulting

newton-med.com screenshot

This brochure type website is part of a new line of websites that I am building with CodeIgniter. Perfect for most small businesses, the site comes standard with a home page, contact page, terms of use, privacy policy, and multiple sitemaps. The standard package can be upgraded with more pages and functionality if desired. One thing I like about this new line of sites is that they use some HTML5 markup, while maintaining compatibility with older browsers.

Gentle Strength Acupuncture

www.gentlestrengthacupuncture.com screenshot

Gentle Strength Acupuncture is a local business here in Temecula. They had designed their website using Dreamweaver, but needed some help with menus, CSS issues, images, and I even created a little Flash movie that is on her home page. They ended up with about 30 pages of content, and I think their design worked really well.

I think the best part about working with Helen is that their business is right down the street from mine. It was so convenient to work with them. Not only that, but they are some of the nicest people your likely to find.

New Hope Medical Center

www.newhopecares4you.com screenshot

New Hope Medical Center hired me to re-design their website, as well as add some back-end functionality for internal use. I really enjoyed working on this project, because it was the first time I got to use my emUnit design template. Custom PHP programming was used in the implementation of a service related to patients, which was built on top of an older procedural authentication system that I had developed.

GemSmart Diamonds

www.diamondsgemsmart.com screenshot

Some websites just seem to be more interesting to work on, and this website was one of them. I'm not one to wear jewelry, but I think it is very interesting that diamonds can be made from ash and hair. I made this little website for GemSmart Diamonds using an existing template that I modified. Built on the CodeIgniter framework, the site will be easy to maintain and expand.

Hemet Handyman

hemet-handyman.com screenshot

Notice anything similar between this website and the Temecula Lawn Care website? Of course you did! This site is a clone of the same design. Thomas of T-READY was really happy with the end result.

Hemet Pools

www.hemetpoolcare.com screenshot

This website was made for Hemet Pools, a full service pool cleaning type company in Hemet, CA. Like the Real Estate Concierge website, this site's original template was purchased elsewhere. The template was also very low quality, and required conversion to a standards based CSS/XHTML design. You will notice that the home page has a Flash animated menu, and this was painstakenly edited to meet the requirements of Hemet Pools. Flash programming and editing isn't exactly my specialty, but I pulled it off, and the site works well! The flash degrades well to alternate content, and the tracking statistics are showing that the site is attracting people who search for the keywords and phrases that were considered critical.

Ramsey's Auto Detailing

www.ramseys-auto-detailing.com screenshot

Kevin Ramsey of Ramsey's Auto Detailing is a great guy. He works harder than anyone I know, and has been really good to my family. Rich in spirit and kindness, Kevin goes the extra mile, making a living for himself while putting his heart into his work. I put this little website page together for him, free of charge, because I felt that I should pay him back a little for his generosity.

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