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PacWest Polishings & Coatings

pacwestpolishing.com screenshot

The PacWest Polishings & Coatings website is an example of my standard small business website package with an optional Gallerific gallery added. In addition to the content pages describing PacWest Polishings & Coatings's services, the website has a slideshow on the home page, a contact page, Google sitemap, HTML sitemap, text sitemap, accessibility page, privacy page, and terms of use page. The website was done in well under a week, and while we may make some changes in the future, the initial project has been completed.

Zeba Medical Supply

zebamedicalsupply.com screenshot

Zeba Medical Supply took advantage of the June 2010 e-commerce website discount, and had me design and develop this website for them. Their customers can now build and manage quotes on the website. Set up with an initial 400+ products, the site was completed in about 10 days.

Tony Lavall's Abstract Art

tonylavallart.com screenshot

Tony Lavall is a fabulous abstract artist, and he wanted a website that showcased his prints, also showing off his art to the world. We're going to be doing more work to the website, but we've got a lot of his artwork there to look at. Tony's new website features a custom Gallerific / Colorbox integration.

Temecula SAT Tutoring

temeculasat.com screenshot

Achieve SAT Test Prep asked me to make them a simple brochure type website with a calendar, and I did that, but I spent a little extra time integrating a content management system so they would be able to handle any simple changes to text on their own. The website ended up being a hybrid application, using CodeIgniter for database queries and output, and using Wordpress for the content management adminstration.

Rick Stier's PIANOLatte

www.rickstier.com screenshot

This website was developed and designed for Rick Stier, who is a Christian pianist here in Temecula, CA. Working on this site with Rick has shown a perfect example of how having a close designer/customer relationship is essential. Rick had ideas about how he wanted his website to look, and it was only through many emails, phone calls, and personal meetings with Rick that I was able to come up with a website that Rick loved. While Rick had initially requested that I use an existing template, we ended up needing a totally custom template. Rick had full control to tell me exactly what he wanted for his site, and I continue to update his website as needed. Not only was this project a pleasure to work on, but Rick played his gorgeous Steinway piano for me. I will tell you, if you love great piano music, you really should purchase his CD! Rick's piano playing is amazing!

Temecula Lawn Care

temecula-lawn-care.com screenshot

One page website design can be a bit of a challenge, but with the right images and template structure, a simple one page small business website can still look good and achieve its goal. This website was made by using stock images from iStockphoto.com, and the photos only costed about $19.00! Total cost of setting up this simple one page website was roughly $200.00, and that included the images, domain registration, and hosting for one year.

Valley Wide Power Equipment

valleywidepowerequipment.com screenshot

Valley Wide Power Equipment is on the other side of the alley from my business location. They sell, service, and get parts for quite a number of brands of power equipment, and it was really easy to find images of the equipment and logos on the manufacturer's websites. Not a big job, but the site uses Wordpress as a content management system, making updates easy for this client.

Rancho Interior Design

ranchointeriordesign.com screenshot

I have to chuckle now that it's all over. I'm a designer (among other things), working for a designer! I think the most interesting thing about this project was that fact, and that while both designers, we do such different work. Cynthia of Rancho Interior Design has awesome talent, and I'm flattered that she allowed me to design her site.

The Last B.W.D. Website

previous brianswebdesign.com screenshot

For about 2 or 3 years, and ending in February of 2013, the Brian's Web Design website had a very different look. With a dark textured background and glowing gold highlights, this version of the BWD website is still modern and desirable. What it lacked was a Responsive Web Design, capable of displaying well on small screen devices. Modern web designs no longer include styling that isn't mobile friendly, so this website had to go.

At the time I created this version of Brian's Web Design, slideshows on the home page were very popular. I also had a simple search feature so site visitors could find content on the website. Both of these features were dropped from the new website.

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