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Did you know?

Did you know that having your email address displayed on a website is a great way to get spam?

Spammers use specially programmed computers to harvest email addresses from websites. These computers, known as "bots", crawl the internet in the same way a search engine crawler scans for content. Once these spam bots find an email address, they add it to their list of people to send spam to.

Did you think you were safe by obscuring your email address with javascript, but you're still getting spam? Sophisticated bots can process the javascript, find your email address, and leave you with an inbox full of spam!

Using an email processing program, like the one I can set up for you, can greatly reduce the amount of spam you receive. Bots will no longer see your email address, and you will no longer be added to their list of people to annoy. You may still receive an occasional spam due to manual spam, but these are far and few between.