Brian's Web Design Temecula, California

I'm Brian Gottier, a freelance website designer and web developer in Temecula, California. I specialize in modern web design for businesses. I am an expert level PHP programmer, and a full stack LAMP developer.

Web Designer

It's important to have a website that works for all of your site visitors, and modern web design allows that to happen. A professional web designer will make a difference in your website's overall success. Even though most people think of web design as the way a website looks, performance and search engine optimization are also a big part of web design.


Web development is the planning and custom programming that powers a website, and drives it to function and perform in a specific way. Modern websites have dynamic content. Forms, email processing, e-commerce shopping, payment processing, user specific content, and more. I develop custom web applications according to my client's specifications.

Server Admin

Linux powers the vast majority web servers, and I'm an every day user of Linux operating systems. Through web development, my server admin experience covers nearly all aspects of web server deployment and maintenance. If you're looking for a web developer that can multitask as a web server administrator, please feel free to contact me regarding an available position.

Over 19 Years of Experience

Highlights of my Web Design & Development Services

All of the websites I create now implement responsive web design. They are designed to work on any modern device, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

I design websites with organic search engine optimization in mind. I also coach my customers on how we can optimize their website naturally. A great web design combined with great content will produce a website that people are attracted to.

I am the creator of Community Auth, Comment Redlist, and other open source plugins and libraries. Development of your project is fast paced due to my reuse of code.

If you're in Southern California, you're always welcome to come visit me at my office in Temecula. Temecula is located just North of the San Diego County line, with Fallbrook to the South, and Murrieta to the North.

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  • Performance

    A properly developed website will not only be attractive, but will load quickly and help keep site visitors from leaving.

  • Reliability & Maintainability

    Your website should be the one thing you can count on.

    Websites are always changing, and it's essential that updates and upgrades are handled when necessary. I use a modern workflow that makes that easy.

  • Affordability

    Hiring a web design and development freelancer can often save you money versus signing a contract with a design firm. Let's talk about why.

In Case You Need More Info

A breakdown of the technologies I work with...

My front-end development has primarily been with jQuery for JavaScript, although I'm capable of using React and native JavaScript. I'm a daily user of Gulp and npm. I use Sass as my preprocessor for CSS. I autoprefix, minify, and do all the things you'd expect from a web designer. I'm not a big fan of backwards compatibility, but use polyfills when appropriate.

I started web application programming with PHP in 2006, and it's my language of choice for back-end development. Along with MySQL (MariaDB), I use it daily. I have experience with CodeIgniter, Kohana, Slim, Laravel, and my own proprietary framework. I've made WordPress themes, plugins, and widgets of all kinds. This website was created with Lumen.

I wouldn't say I'm looking for a job doing it, but I've also done some work creating an Android app using Java in Android Studio. I like playing with Raspberry Pis, so I've also done some work in Python and C. I like writing Bash scripts. I've tried Ruby on Rails and a few other programming languages, but tend to go back to the ones I feel most comfortable with.